Al Castellare di Tonda si fa proprio di tutto… persino pescare!

Vicinissimo a noi c’è un grazioso lago dove poter pescare e rilassarsi davanti a un magnifico specchio d’acqua.

Provvediamo noi a fornirvi le canne da pesca ed il mais, ma si richiede la prenotazione con almeno un giorno di anticipo.

Il costo totale è di 10 euro al giorno.

Ricordatevi che … “chi dorme non piglia pesci!!!”



2 pensieri su “Pesca

  1. Steve Gerace, my editor, wants me to cover the tsriht contest and get info about the Grand Marshall. Could you please email whatever info you can?I’ve called and left phone messages and contact info for phone contact. However, I’d also appreciate any assistance you can provide view email.Thank you for your help.Sounds like another great Carnevale!Eve ThompsonJune 23, 2011

  2. I love this kind of information and the purtices make it even better. The apples look delicious and it is interesting how they make them last throughout the year like that. I bet they actually taste like an apple too. Here most of the produce has no taste because they pick it so green for shipping that when it comes into its natural color that is all you get (except maybe a side of pesticide or contamination). I don’t know if many kids know these days what a real tomato/tomatoe tastes like. They are hard to find unless you grow them. I grew some this year at my new residence and they were small but had more flavor than the large ones you could buy. This would be a wonderful adventure. Love the wage sheet. Nice touch and always love seeing things written in italian. Thanks so much for this.

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