Tanti auguri di buon anno!!!

Castellare di Tonda è in fermento… pullula di ospiti provenienti da tutta Italia per festeggiare con noi la fine dell’anno.

Tanti auguri



2 pensieri su “Tanti auguri di buon anno!!!

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  2. Hi Trevor, I think the main take-home point in this study is that when you are planning long-term denelopmevt of athletes, teaching the Olympic lifts is a worthwhile investment. However, when you start working with a mature athlete and you just have a few months to get them ready for the start of season, jumps are probably a more realistic use of time. And anyway, jumps are still very effective, it’s just that Olympic lifts are probably better. I’ve just taken delivery of a huge batch of jumping studies so there might be a load more coming soon

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